Wednesday, 11 May 2011

CD cover and interior

This is the front of my groups CD cover

This is the interior of my CD cover


Before we embarked on this project we were all given the task of going out and researching a pop promo that had already been released and to go and look at and review a few music videos. I chose to look at Jay-z and Linkin Parks jointly produced album collision course; I chose to do this partly because Linkin park remind me slightly of the band that we worked with (Distraction) due to the fact the band had such a diverse background of musical influences, but mainly because it was a hugely successful album and so i choose to work from the best example possible.

When making our video the group did have some creative differences between each other, one member wanted to make more of the love scenes, whilst i wanted to include more of the band. I wanted to do it like this because i think we chose a very simple easy narrative to follow that didn't warrant massive chunks of the video's time. I thought it would be a better idea if we made more use of the band; for example i came up with an idea to just get some shots of the band messing around and wanted to include more in the finished piece but the idea was turned down. Looking at the video now i think the correct decision was made at the time for the video, as the narrative is much stronger.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Treatment for music video

Distractions PerformanceOur band Distraction will be the main feature throughout the music video despite our dark romantic narrative; our aim is to promote the band. We will be filming in the college music room just next door to the recording studio where the band creates their magic. The room was quite cramped for a performance however I thought that it would work well as it would show the authentic "beginning" that Distraction had at SNC. It will be quite simple to fit them all in a camera shot together but we will do several run throughs of the band performing their song "Let the Sun Shine" The focus will be on the band as a whole but I think we should add a little extra focus to the main singer because his voice dominates the track. CUs and mid-shots of each performer, using at least 3 long shots from different points and angles in the room in order to capture the bands performance as a whole. I may pull some focus away from the bass players in the music videos final edit as there are 2-3 of them; the melody they create supports the song perfectly so I will not make their presence completely unknown. Going through several takes of the song and each time focusing on different performers i.e. drums, lead guitar, pianist etc. We will hand the camera to Distraction and let them mess around with it in order to capture them away from strangers and it will go well with the tech shots to create a compilation of the recording studio. We will also use a B&W effect on their performance in order to blend them in with the narrative.The NarrativeWe will start of with some long shots to establish both the male character and the setting, also I think it will help the audience notice the B&W effect in the narrative. An interesting low-angle shot of the male charater on the balcony of the atrium as it portrays him looming over the other students yet he is powerless, make the brightness and contrast a bit deeper to show his dark mood; possibly noticeable to audience. The computer screen effect would be perfect to give artificial light to the dark surroundings - CU, reaction shot to computers failed search of his identity. The hallways of the media department are usually deserted in lesson hours so it will be perfect to film part of the narrative there which will help further separate our tortured male character from the rest of the world, I was hoping to film an additional scene featuring Distraction - a long shot to show them kicking out the male character from the band making him an outcast and giving him some origin in the narrative however it seems unlikely and I think Distraction are not the narrative type of band. In order to shed some light onto the narrative I think it will be interesting to move the setting outdoors yet still keeping it in B&W which will help with the lightening of the mood when the male will notice the female character and then the romance genre will come into play. Filming Charlotte will consist of a few long shots; introducing her to the narrative as a random student, the camera will pan horizontally when she walks. A quick jump cut, CU reaction shot of the male noticing her. A point of view shot watching her as she walks past him without noticing his gaze. After the elongated chorus performance by Distraction will lead to the introduction of the meet cue between the two characters causing the lust to become mutual, CUs of the eyes and hands as we will do the traditional scene of teenagers meeting in school. The RED effect will be used to symbolise the love in order to do this we will use red clothing/accessory items. A few more scenes like the meet cue will eventually lead to the final shot of the male and female character together which will be the perfect final shot, possibly fade to black.

(credit to George D.L)

promotion for the digipak: Jay-z and Linkin park

Due to the fact that this digipak was produced and made by two separate musical entities; Linkin park and Jay-z there isn't very much in the way of promotional material, most of the promotion work was done by MTV.

MTV mash-ups is what brought the two together so they handled the promotion by using their network of channels to advertise it, and using a TV channel as popular as MTV has an effect.

Whilst all the promotion for the link up was happening the picture on the left was an image you couldn't turn on MTV without seeing, it was used in adverts, on the website etc. I think that the imagery and font used is very representative of both jay-z and the band mixing the urban and the grime of both respectively.

I think that when making this print ad the boys have gone for a very simplistic feel, this helps to add to the mystery of the joining of the two music giants. This then in turn intrigues fans of either or both to go and watch the show or buy the album.

My point is further backed up by the fact that hardly any information is given on the ad apart from where to buy tickets, it doesn't even announce a support act.

I think that the use of only three colours makes the little information that is on show bold and stand out to the viewer. Both Jay-z and Linkin park are so massive in their respective genres that they don't need their actual images to promote or help people recognise them, so the use of the shadow's is a very stylistic effect.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ideas for band logo

This was my 1st idea for the band logo and probably the one i like the best out of the three. I think it shows the band it the light that would need to be shown in if properly promoted. Even though they are a pop band there are certainly elements of rock and also a slight feel of the emo genre due to the look and style of some of the band members. I think the red and black theme in the logo gives them a slightly unknown mysterious feel.

This is my second attempt at a band logo, this time i went for more of a fun feel to the logo. I think shows more of the boys real life personalities. I think the yellow helps to represent the name of the song aswell (sunshine). The font i chose was particularly smart and "proper", i think this would help to give the band an air of importance. The red on yellow stands; this helps show the fact that they arent just another pop/rock band.

This was my last idea and also the one i liked the least, when i was making it i chose to give it a slighty gothic, mystical feel. After finishing the idea i decided that this wasnt the sort of direction that i thought was right for this band.

Lyrics for Sunshine by Labrinth and distraction version

I feel a cold flush going through my hair and hey you know what I don't even careThe time has passed me by Its gone with the wind Its all because the sun shined once again Now the party's on Everybody's there And if you don't know anyone You'll still meet some new friends That's the way it is When i have myself a drink All because the sun shines once again Let the sunshine Let the sunshine baby Let it all go Let it all go baby Let the sunshine Let the sunshine baby Let it all go Let it all go baby so turn the lights offaint no one afraid when the night comes it’ll be just like the day and without the day i am glowing from within only cus the sun shined once again so play that sweet tuneplay it through the air and the volume blaze it up dont you ask me twice you know i’m gonna bid only cus the sun shined once again let the sun shine let the sun shine baby let it all go let it all go baby let the sun shine let the sun shine baby let it all go let it all go baby i know that the world is gonna smile again when we go from the darkness into the light ohhhlet the sun shine let the sun shine let the sun shine let the sun shine baby let it all go let it all go baby let the sun shine let the sun shine baby let it all go let it all go baby (x2) let the sun shine yeah eh eyy yeah

Feedback for our music video

Here is the Feedback for our music video given to use by our Teacher and our Classmates on Friday 25th March 2011. We all watched "Let the Sun Shine" and other peoples music videos with other bands in which we all exchanged opinions and praise. The feedback were based around the questions below. Does the Music Video work with the Song Lyrics/Music? "Yes, i think its an excellent representation of a lost person finally finding a reason to live again" "I think the song is lovely, how it is transformed from club music to a melody with meaning and heart" "A nice relaxed feel to it and the band are well suited to the music video" "The Bass players need more screen time in the music video i think" "I love your reactions, George!" Anything to suggest? "Need a final shot of the two main characters together" "Maybe its a bit too dark?" "I would have like to have seen a wider range of locations in the Music Video" "Bit of a polish with more Wide Shots" "Would like to see more of the Larkin' Around" "Either need more of the flashing light effect or none at all" "Interested to see a CD cover" "Maybe a bit more colour for the sunshine, making it more dominant" Representation? "Calm band, relates to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers" "Indie, anti-superstar representation of the band" "Slightly Charty" "Similar to Nickelback, Blink-182 or Kings of Leon (the band)" What did you like in the Music Video? Editing & Creativity? "The Black and White works very well in the music video" "It's great being up close to the lead singer during the chorus" "The RED effect is very nice, a good representation of romance in a B&W video" "I like the darker contrast effect" "The pace and mood is brilliant, easy to follow and keeps with the speed of the music" "Narrative works quite well" (compiled by George Duric-Last)